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Have a job that requires a custom truck that is created with your specific needs in mind? We have the solution for you!

About Cobalt Truck Equipment

Cobalt Truck Equipment started in 1995 with 12 employees and a single location in Meridian, Idaho. It has since moved to a newer and larger corporate headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, and has only continued to grow from there. Now, Cobalt has over 100 employees and locations in Spokane, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. In addition to building custom, fully-equipped trucks for its clients, Cobalt also keeps an extensive inventory of built-up, work-ready truck packages available for immediate delivery. Construction, utility, and heavy equipment clients have all come to trust Cobalt Truck Equipment for quality mechanics trucks, lube trucks, utility bodies, platforms, vans, and more. Cobalt Truck Equipment is a lean manufacturer. We standardize our work processes, reducing our product cycle time and work in progress. This results in cost savings that we can then pass on to our customers. Lean implementation creates a clean, efficient, orderly and safe workplace that lives up to the Cobalt standard.

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