Scott Magnum Aluminum Platform

Sizes 9′-24′mag-16-1800-1800-80

4”x3” Aluminum I beam cross members

4” Aluminum I beam long sills

7” Outer rail with pockets and banding strap

Extruded aluminum dry freight floor accent striping

1 5/8” X 3 ¾” stake pockets (fits norm. 2” X 4”)

Scott Steel Fleet Duty Platform

Length: 7′ – 12′20081008_10-82-1800-1800-80

T&G fir or steel flooring

Gloss black painted

Goes well with our steel, poly, and aluminum racks


Scott Steel Series 12

Length: 7′ – 18′


42″-60″ Bulk head

Wood or steel flooring

Scott Steel Grain Body

Corrugated 1 piece sidesGrain_Body__1-53-1800-1800-80.jpg

Available in a large range of sizes




Scott Steel Landscaper

16-Gauge Corrugate Steel Sides & FrontP6170002-55-1800-1800-80.jpg

2-Piece Perforated Upper Rear Doors

Lever Activated Dual Action Gate

48” Curb Side Access Door

12-Gauge Smooth Steel Floor (9′ – 12′)

10-Gauge Smooth Steel Floor (14′ – 16′)

Knock Down and Prime Painted

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