Crane InspectionsCrane_Inspection

Ensure all safety guards are in place and functional

Check for hydraulic system leaks and hose

Check for structural damage, dents, bends, cracks, etc.

Check for loose parts and missing components

Ensure all functions are operating smoothly and properly

Crane ServiceCrane_Service

Change hydraulic system

Grease all zerks

Lube boom extensions

Lube wire rope

Remove hydraulic pump and lube splines with LLG

Check hydraulic relief pressures

Power SystemsRemote_Power_Systems

Test run unit

Cycle air compressor

Check for obstructions

Check hydraulic pressures

Change filters

Change engine crank case oil and compressor air head oil

Check condition of drive belt

Top off all fluids

Air CompressorsAir_Compressors

Inspect overall condition of compressor; recommend repairs as needed

Check oil level, cycle times, and RPM

Change filters

Inspect wiring, hydraulic hoses, and air lines for wear or leaks

Reset parameters for kick-on/kick-off


Inspect rails, guides, cables, chains, torsion/tension springs, and lift arms

Inspect hydraulic pump, reservoir, hoses, and fluid level/condition

Inspect lift platform, all electrical switches, and overall function of lift mechanism

Grease all zerks; lubricate cables and pulleys



Start engine and check operation of welder

Check oil level

Inspect and change filters

Check charging system for correct output

Check fuel system if plumbed to truck

Make any necessary adjustments to choke, idle, throttle, etc.

DOT InspectionsDOT_Inspection

Assure that vehicle meets the minimum standards in accordance with 49 CFR 396

Inspection report includes one hard copy for vehicle, one regular copy for office, and new inspection label in vehicle




Thorough Equipment InspectionsEquipment_Inspections

Cobalt will inspect all the essential items on your equipment to ensure they continue operating at peak performance.